About the Okayama guest house moko

【Information】 We put a weekday charge.

Okayama guest house moko put a weekly charge from this April.

We recommend these plan to traveler  on weekdays and business person.

・Tatami mats room

1  person/1 night ¥6,000  → ¥5,000
2 person/1 night ¥9,000  → ¥7,000
3 person/1 night ¥12,000   → ¥9,000

・Queen size bed room

1  person/1 night ¥7,000  → ¥5,000
2 person/ 1 night ¥7,000  → ¥5,000

・Twin bedded room

1 person/ 1 night ¥5,000   → ¥4,000
2 person/ 1 night ¥8,000   → ¥6,000

Feel free to contact us for any questions.


New Information


2017年5月9日 NEW!


2017年5月1日 NEW!


2017年4月14日 【終了】岡山ゲストハウスモコ 春のカレーキャンペーン


2017年4月13日 平日料金始めました!


2017年4月9日 【終了】続・岡山ゲストハウスモコでお花見をしよう!!



You have the choice private room or dormitory!

   Okayama guest house moko is a reasonable hotel.

About the moko

When you come to our guest house, take the Momotaro Line going toward Soja Station and get off at the Bizenichinomiya Station.

The station is the third station from Okayama Station.(About 12 minutes)

It takes about 10 minutes from the station to moko.

Kibitsu shrine and Kibitsuhiko shrine are located near moko. These shrines are famous for Momotaro story.

Moko is near central Okayama city, but being surrounded woods and fields and you can see beautiful stars at night. 

「We recommed moko to people who wants to rest quietly.」


About moko’s room

Okayama guest house moko has dormitory room(up to 8 people) and 3 types of private room(total 5 rooms) : Tatami mats, Queen size bed, Twin bedded.

When you want to stay, you can choose these rooms.

Because all the private rooms are independent of other rooms, it is high sound insulation.

 All the rooms have free parking space.

[畳の個室] 詳しくはこちら

[セミダブルの個室] 詳しくはこちら

[ツインの個室] 詳しくはこちら

[ドミトリー] 詳しくはこちら

Food service

Okayama guest house moko provides breakfast and dinner for price.
When you want to eat, please let me know by the day before.

Only as a guide; Breakfast 300~600yen, Dinner 500~1000yen.


Community room

Okayama guest house moko has the community room. This room is place for relaxation, to make friends

and to eat for guests using private room. There are some Okayama guidebooks and washing machine and dryer  in the room.

It is a service for price to use washing machine and dryer. When you want to use, feel free to contact staff.


Pick up service

Okayama guest house moko provides pick up service from Bizenichinomiya Station.
When you want to pick up, please let me know in advance.



Good sightseeing spots are located near Okayama guest house moko.

For example, it takes within 10 minutes walk from moko to Kibitsu shrine and Kibitsuhiko shrine.

These shrines are famous for Momotaro story. We recommend these two shrines.

More information


Okayama guest house moko holds campaigns regularly.
A campaign is giving something or discount room charge and so on.
When you want to know more campaign information, please refer to the following link.

5月のキャンペーン / 6月のキャンペーン